“When me becomes we, AMAZING things happen.”

– Pastor Greg Powe


A vision which started with a family of four in their home, now spans the globe. Each year, God continues to add to our ministry and footprint. With each instruction followed by the faith to walk it out, we continue to see God pour out to our members and supporters within the ministry to accomplish the vision set forth almost 30 years ago.   The Unity Experience joins us together to accomplish the varied areas of our ministry which require financial support while igniting hope within those who need to see God presented without compromise.

Thank You For Contributing!

In January 2019, we started with an overall $1,000,000.00 goal .  However, we segmented various projects into more bite-size efforts. Below are our to-date results, showcasing your generous giving towards our milestone of $250,000.00.

$ 0 .00
Initial Goal
$ 0 .33
Giving to Date
$ 0 .67
Remaining Goal

Projects your giving has helped to complete:

  •   New Marquee (Tampa Campus)
  •   New Air Conditioner Units
  •   Main Sanctuary Renovations
  •   Creative Arts Renovation
  •   The Factory Children’s Ministry Upgrades & Renovations
  •   Living Legacy Library Renovation
  •   HD Camera Equipment Upgrades
  •   Volunteer & Member/Guest Sign-in System
  •   Playground Renovations
  •   OGM Cafe Renovations
  •   Embracing Legacy (Arts & Innovation) Renovation
  •   General Ministry Maintenance Efforts

Ongoing & Incomplete Projects

  •   Sanctuary Renovations (Tampa Campus)
  •   Main Building Facilities and on-going maintenance
  •   Foyer Renovations
  •   OGM Cafe & Entry-way Remodel
  •   Exterior Grounds upgrades and maintenance
  •   Facility Resources
  •   Truth Dome Project
  •   Innovations & Arts Center
  •   Riverview Campus
  •   Lakeland Campus

Initial phases of renovations: Hosted By Pastor Deborah Powe

Creative Arts Renovations: With Shorn Callahan

Embracing Legacy Renovations: With Deac. Antwan Underwood


God has spoken great things to us that require great provision. We believe God will provide and exceed our $1 million goal to achieve these accomplishments

A goal worth reaching. With your help, we can.

Below are the various areas of the ministry we are allocating resources to.  Some of these projects being completed in phases and the areas below showcase our progression thus far. With your help, we will be able to both reach our goals and continue to provide exceptional experiences throughout the ministry.

Main Sanctuary

The Factory

Children's Playground

Embracing Legacy

OGM Cafe and Entry

Building Maintenance & Upgrades

Your generous giving and support enables us to provide worship experience upgrades, campus expansions, and facility maintenance projects so that we can continue to present the very best to everyone we encounter.

Main Sanctuary Renovations: Phases 1-3

The Factory Upgrades and Renovations

Embracing Legacy: Phases 1-2

Creative Arts Renovations Phase 1-2

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