Aug 30 – Sep 2, 2020

Join Pastor Deborah Powe and her All-Star panel of guest as they bring you inspiration, encouragement, and pure joy during this unprecedented event.

August 30 – September 2 2020

Join Pastor Deborah Powe and her All-Star panel of guest as they bring you inspiration, encouragement, and pure joy during this unprecedented event.


It’s time for us to experience the UNCOMMON Women’s Conference!

Pastor Deborah and our UNCOMMON speakers are ready to pour into some UNCOMMON women: YOU!

Get your expectations set.
Get your game face on.
Get your environment prepped.

This will be a time of growth, maturity, engagement and of course, FUN!






Pastor Deborah Powe


Apostle Cynthia Brazelton


Evangelist Laura Pickett


Pastor Wanta Ezell



Connect and Engage with Us Online!


Connect and Engage with Us Online!


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Don’t Quit


God commands us to stand up against all the strategies and deceits of the devil. Satan attempts to get us to perceive things in all kinds of crooked and perverse ways. He will put you in a place where you will hear and see things that will cause you to give way to fear and defeat; but you must resist him. We are successful and victorious people. If you’re experiencing a trial or temptation, dig deep, but just Don’t Quit.


Prayer: Connecting With God


Just as faith without works is dead, so is knowledge that is not put to use. Even if you already have a great deal of knowledge about prayer, you need wisdom to use that knowledge effectively and strategically to get the results you seek.



The New You

Audio Series/Digital Download 

It is so important that you find out who you are in Christ Jesus.  The more He reveals to you who He is, the more you will have an understanding of who you are.  The more you see who He is, the more you should see yourself as He is.  Remember, the bible states in 1 John 4:17, “…as He (Jesus) is, so are we in the world.” This series will help you to see that things as you know them are about to change.  You will not be defeated another day once you discover the God on the inside of you.  If you are in Christ, you are a new creature – A New You!  Add this series to your collection today.


The Voice Of Faith


In life’s journey, it is important that we know our basic human rights. As human beings, we have rights that enhance our lives. For instance, naturally and spiritually, we have the right to life and liberty without discrimination. Yet, many of us live a life not exercising these full rights. Faith has been given to you without discrimination. We have the right to release our faith because every person has been given the measure of faith. So why aren’t we using it?


Get Over Weight

New Release/Book 

Have you struggled with weight for a long time, years, decades or maybe your whole life? If so, this book was written for you. If you have wondered whether or not you will ever be able to get free of the weight issue, you have just found your answer. YES you can! I, like you, know the struggle and seemingly endless fight to get weight under control and maintain it. You will find in these pages a practical guide describing how God turned my 12year struggle into a 12month victory, losing over 50pounds! I am confident that the revelation in this book will guide you in discovering what has put the weight on, therefore empowering you to take the weight off. God has revealed the 12 steps used to get me out and finally free from weight. Now it’s your turn! This is the book you’ve always wanted and never knew you needed. Yes, it’s time to Get Over Weight, Finally Win the Weight Battle and Win at Life!


Don’t Miss Your Destiny AND You Will Win In The End


Don’t Miss your Destiny: The Courage to Live Full & Die Empty AND You Will Win In The End: Overcoming Opposition to Your Destiny – Special Price for Purchase Together

Frequently Asked Questions


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Do I need my registration ticket to login?

No.  You will not need your registration ticket to log-in to the conference site.  


What will my ticket be used for?

Your registration ticket will be used for PRIZES and COMMUNICATION.  So, please do register and encourage your family and friends to register for the conference.


Will I need to download any programs or apps to view the conference?

No.  The link will take you to a website.  No additional apps or programs are necessary.


If I have any questions or challenges viewing the conference, who do I contact?

You can reach us at for any questions or for assistance.


Will the conference be available for viewing immediately after each session?

No.  The sessions are only available during service times initially.  


When will the entire conference be available for viewing?

The entire conference will be available for FREE on Vimeo after the entire conference has concluded.  Additional outlets – Facebook & YouTube –  will be added in the coming weeks.


Will there be an MP3 available for the conference messages?

Possibly.  More to come on that.

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