UR Student Ministries
You Are Everything God Says You Are!
Our mission is to encourage, connect and grow believers into their own intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Welcome to UR Student Ministries

We are about encouraging, connecting and growing believers into who God says they are. We believe you are already becoming who God has destined you to be. The choices you make today have a direct impact on who you will become tomorrow.

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We understand the journey is not easy. With social media, entertainment, peer pressure and all the other distractions and obstacles that life throws our way, we know that God can sometimes seem distant, unreachable or not present at all. We want to encourage you through it all, despite what the moment may bring, God is still with us; He has not forsaken us. Keep pressing forward to the promise and we are here to support you!


Connecting with others is a big part of your journey. As we continue to come together for Christ sake, we become stronger and even more unshakeable. One of the many ways we accomplish this is by associating higher, serving with others, and connecting you to individuals who have achieved varied success in areas of life you may be striving to achieve yourself.


In many aspects of life we must grow. Who we currently are is only meant for a season. We must continue to grow and stretch ourselves and one another to continue in this journey to “be better”. With our many goals, desires, and dreams, we strive to create opportunities for you to grow in areas of your life which excite you the most.

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