Introducing RTM Nation
New Beginnings require a NEW Commitment.
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It Began… 

“He gave us his word, but he left his spirit and poured out the anointing for the vision ahead. He’s still here…he isn’t gone. His spirit is right here with us and stronger than ever.  His words transitioned from external, to internal…Pastor Powe made an exchange (for all of us), his physical body – in exchange for a super-natural gift that will be placed in us, greater than we could ever imagine…”

~ Pastor Bryan M. Powe, Senior Pastor Revealing Truth Ministries

RTM Nation is Born… 

“The greatness of this vision…is bigger than one person. That’s why this one man took what God gave him and imparted into all of you.  What was once  just his, belongs to the Revealing Truth Nation!  So, what was just a vision became the manifestation of Revealing Truth Ministries here in Tampa. What was a church, became an outreach ministry for the world.  But now, you are about to see the formation of a Nation…”

~ Dr. Creflo A. Dollar, Senior Pastor World Changers Church International



The RTM NATION symbolizes a movement; a bold and unmistakable recognition of strength, boldness and vibrancy within the greater Tampa Bay, FL community. Our late Founding Pastor, Greg Powe wore this ‘neon’ color intentionally. He coined it, his “color of life”. As the RTM nation was voiced and ultimately birthed, it was suiting to honor Pastor Powe and implement a new movement; a new passion; a bolder statement. After all, Pastor Powe was as bold as they come. Now, RTM Nation is a beacon of light and will forever be regarded as the “Color of Life”…The Color of Truth!



The “N” is comprised of the obvious and the not so obvious!  It encompasses two “7’s” connected. One “7” symbolizing the “seven pillars” of Revealing Truth Ministries and the prophetic 7 years wherein the fulfillment of the vision of Revealing Truth Ministries shall begin with the construction of the first Truth Dome in Tampa, Florida.

The Arrows are “above and below” symbolizing the nature of God in heaven and in the earth. When our Founding Pastor, Greg Powe passed away, there was a special activation of gifts, passions, and talents which our members felt being released within themselves to do their part in helping bring the vision of RTM to fruition.

RTM NATION Wallpapers

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iPhone Plus Wallpaper COLOR of LIFE
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iPhone Wallpaper COLOR of LIFE (6/6s)
iPhone Plus Wallpaper We Are NATION (6/6s)

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