Creative Arts Group

The Creative Arts team sets an explosive, energetic, contagious atmosphere of praise & worship through artistic expression. We are the look, feel, sound and heartbeat of the vision conveyed through various forms of art. Our authentic praise allows us to bring peace and healing into the life of our guests and members. The songs we sing and the atmosphere intentionally set are designed for you to encounter and recognize the presence of God.

The Creative Arts Group provides a place where you can connect artistically, musically and technically to express the gift God has placed inside of you. Whether through singing, dancing, reciting spoken word, shaping the sound, displaying the colors of life or operating the cameras that display all of these artistic expressions!

We invite you to be a part of these artistic areas, which are:

  • Music Ministry
  • Dance Ministry
  • Drama Ministry
  • Audio Ministry
  • Television Ministry



For more information on how you can connect your gift to one of these Creative Arts Ministries, please contact:

Monday – Thursday  10:00am – 4:00pm.

Antwaun Underwood Sr.
(813) 354-1135  x263



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